EGi's Plyatron Album Release LIVE!

By: Ricky Carden

(Photo Credit: Zach Stone Photography)

(Photo Credit: Zach Stone Photography)

I think it is necessary to tell the World about EGi's new album called Plyatron, which was released on March 4th, 2016. I thought it would be perfect to share my experience of EGi's Plyatron Album Release Party... Perfect for the improv elements the band brings to the table.

The night was Saturday, March 5th, 2016. All Star Vibe Entertainment put together a great show for these guys at Bottom Lounge. Other bands on the bill this night were JJ & Dre, Ars Nova, and Chachuba. The men of EGi were ready to give their music to all their fans in attendance. Sales were good! 

It is always great to see EGi perform. On this night, I found myself in a comfortable spot in FOH. The guys were rocking and everyone in the crowd was loving it. I was loving it. It is feel good music that one can find influences of Pink Floyd, Santana, Phish, Guthrie Govan, and Lotus in their advanced instrumentation. These guys absolutely nailed it with this debut album. The music flew through my ears as if they were taking me on an adventure. You will lose yourself to Plyatron and it will put a smile on your face. 

(Photo Credit: Zach Stone Photography)

(Photo Credit: Zach Stone Photography)

EGi came out hard and in grand fashion, performing their intense instrumental jam called 'Plyatron,' which was named after the album. This is a staple for the guys in the band. It has evolved throughout their relationship with each other. In fact, it is one of the most epic instrumentals written on the album; encompassing a lot of composition and genre meshing found in their writing. I would say this is the start of their journey to the Plyatron! Although you can find it in the fourth spot on the album, it was a perfect opener for their live show.

They rolled right into their hit single called Headphones L [left]. The band gave us some insight about this groovilicious wonder-- it is about being able to escape the harshness of reality through the outlet of music. Guitarist and lead vocalist James Hernandez added, "When the World is bringing us down, music helps heal our souls [that is what they want to give to their fans]." Therapeutic music is hard to find in today's commercialized World. These guys have that special intangible. I have definitely used this song as an outlet already. It is great for long drives...

Fight It was next. If I were to pick, this would be their second single on Plyatron. It is such a beautiful song; written by guitarist Noe Perez. He wrote this song to help him get out of some hard times that he was experiencing in his life. It is an up-lifting song that really improves the vibes of your soul. It takes you even deeper into the therapeutic music that EGi creates. The instrumentals are the good things to come and the lyrics catapult you towards a positive thought process. You can find this at the number five spot on the album.

The crowd was on cloud nine by the time they perform their song called Montezuma. This was placed on the set list perfectly. The band informed me that this song was written as a story with no real meaning. For me, stories make for the best songs. The band's creativity can be seen with such. Although this song has no real meaning to the band, it gives their fan's a canvas to paint their own meaning. I believe Montezuma to be art, which can only increase in value as time goes on...

They saved Headphones R [right] for last. You can also find it last on Plyatron as well. Originally, Headphones L and Headphones R were one song called Headphones. The producer of the album, Dave Brandwein of Turkuaz, decided to break it apart in two tracks that bookend the album, with the remaining songs [between the headphones] representing the positive transformation the band has gone through while creating this album. This song completes the album, putting their fans on top of a mountain, metaphorically speaking-- focused to enjoying life to the fullest and not getting stuck in a routine.

Like what you have heard so far!? Plyatron is a full length studio album that can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud; as well as many other sources. We have given you the low-down on 5 [out of the 11] songs on EGi's debut album. Dive in to the rest below!

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We are really happy for our friends in EGi. They are really onto something with Plyatron. We wish them luck on their Plyatron Album Release Tour. It starts tonight at the beautiful Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL. Doors open at 7 PM!

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