INTERVIEW: Confetti Jones sits down with GoodSex to talk #afterlife

By: Confetti Jones

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

I sat down with Joe Domingo aka GoodSex to talk about his personal endeavors, #afterlife, and the new club in Wicker Park called Annex Nightclub.


If you do not already know, GoodSex has been working the electronic music scene for six years already. This is one of the most popular names in our city's music scene. He is a man of many talents: owner of GoodSex With Friends, designer of GoodSex Clothing, blogger for The Sights & Sounds Chicago, and of course he's a very talented DJ/Producer-- expected to release his first original track on Kitchin Records soon.

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Recently, him and his crew have gone all in with #afterlife and the new Annex Nightclub in Wicker Park. I want to welcome him to the neighborhood by sharing this intimate sit down with our readers. GoodSex has a lot to share with you. 

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

C: Where are you from? 

G: I grew up in the city. My mom was a cop so we lived in the furthest neighborhood away from the city called Norwood Park. I went to school in the burbs and went to college at Illinois State University for a nursing degree. Funny story: I was going to go to school to become a cop like my mom, but she erased that off the application. She wrote nursing down instead because she didn't want me to be a cop.

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

C: Did you apply for nursing school after that?

G: No, it was a bachelors degree at ILSTU. 

C: Are you a nurse now?

G: Yeah, just got a job as a school nurse with Chicago Public Schools. I started working for Northwestern in their ICU; then, moved onto working at Rush in their ICU. I chose to scale down the work intensity to make more time for my music career. I wanted to take the last six months to build the GoodSex brand.

C: What is GoodSex?

G: Musically, I don't have one specific genre that I stick to. Like at Afterlife, I will play house-tech house mixes; then, the spectrum goes from that to me playing trappy-dub stuff at The Trap House to me playing funky-tribal stuff at Burning Man. It's all GoodSex. It's all good music. It is all relative to a person's ear. Whatever they want, I will deliver. As long as its good! I don't play bad music. As far as the direction I am in right now, I am doing so many different things-- GoodSex as a DJ/Producer, GoodSex With Friends as a promoter group/party planner, and the brand GoodSex Clothing-- right now I have a line of hats; all different color combinations. We went up to the highest quality. They fit like no other snap back, ever. I am not trying to make bullshit merchandise.

You can purchase these hats at

C: Where do you get these hats made? In America?

G: From a small company in California. It's owned by a homie of mine. It is bit of a trade secret... Everyone wants to make fuckin' hats. Everyone wants to make good hats, but the ones I have seen other people make are those flex fit hats that get all wrinkled and weird after awhile. I know people who still can wear the first hats ever made a couple years ago. I have sold close to 300-400 total different GoodSex hats. We just made beanies too. And, we will be coming out soon with a line of sports bras and boy shorts. Like Calvin Klein, but instead of the Calvin Klein name it is going to say GoodSex-GoodSex-GoodSex. So, that is the clothing division. I also run The Sights & Sounds Chicago with Viraj DeSai. It's a blog and online publication that our buddy started awhile ago. 

C: Do you write for it?

G: Yes. I write my editorial piece called GoodSex Tips. It's still kind of developing, but it is anything and everything that will bring you good things. Good Happenings. GoodSex. Whether it is tracks, music, upcoming shows, or a recap of whatever. It's a play off of Good Housewives' soliciting "have better sex now." There is that, the performing, the production, the clothing, and we will be going on a massive festival tour this summer. I will either be performing at them or covering them for The Sights and Sounds. 

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C: What do you want to do most?

G: I want to travel the World, play music for people, and spread good vibes to people. There is nothing better than doing something you love and being able to see people react to that. For the record, your CEO just brought us some amazing black bean soup for the interview...

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

C: Where have you performed so far?

G: I have done a lot of midwest shows and have a lot of residencies around the city of Chicago. My residencies usually have me booked Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays; sometimes Tuesdays too (of every week). The next big big show I have is with Wave Racer, JackLNDN, and Win + Woo. This show is part of the Too Future Concert Series and brought to you by Plus 1 Entertainment and 8track. This will be at the Bottom Lounge on March 18th. Then there is Afterlife every Saturday, which is always big!

C: What is Afterlife?

G: Afterlife is a party that my buddies and I throw every Saturday. We consider this our "baby." United2Nite, GoodSex With Friends, Unlisted, and DangerWayne Presents partnered up a while ago to form this event. It used to be at Grand Bar, which used to be our destination location for about a year. We moved Afterlife to Annex Nightclub with the club's soft opener on January 23rd, 2016. This is a really exciting time for us. It is a better location with better sound and the place is open from 10 PM to 5 AM every Saturday. We are able to bring in headliners regularly, which allows us to play really good music. Though, I must say that we do not bring in artists based on just the numbers... We do not want to sacrifice the music... just so the promoters can bring in 20 heads.

C: Who are some of the residents at Afterlife?

G: Primarily we have Me, Nikho, Kings of Class, DangerWayne. All good homies - all good people - and we bring in a couple of guests every week as well. We had Sharam Jey last week. This week we have RJ Pickens. Next week we will have Inphinity.  It has been going well.  We have been bringing in bigger crowds and things are picking up every week. We have been getting around 500-600 at the door each week. Its a process to get the new place situated but its coming along...


C: What makes Afterlife and Annex Nightclub different from any other parties going on in Wicker Park?

G: Afterlife prides itself as being anti-establishment. We are not going to turn you away from Annex because you are not wearing the right shoes or make our customers take off their hats. The customer is not going to be charged a lot of money just to get in through the door. We have free cover with passwords most of the time... We have great prices on bottle service too if thats your kick...

C: I heard you guys have a costume budget for Afterlife?

G: Haha Yeah, we do. You can see some of the photos of our party online. Last week, I went with the Super Mario costume! It was pretty sweet. You would not really see that at Spybar. You might see that at Evil Olive or The MID, but we have our style of music. It has been a lot of fun to mix it up like that.

C: What is the cover?

G: Usually it is free before midnight with a password. After that it is $5 or $10. Ladies are free. We have cards for free entry as well. Usually, there will be someone standing outside passing out these cards. 

 C: I can think of a few other 5 AM bars in the area that I can draw some contrast to...

G: Yeah, these other places do have a little bit of that anti-establishment values that we work with but, it is just a different vibe. Bouncers might be a little rougher [at other clubs] because they have to. The music is definietly going to be different. At Annex, we do a lot of House and Tech-House. Techno is going to be on the top floor. Musically, its going to have that vibe of Spybar; with the energy of The Mid. I suggest you come check our new place out. If you spend time at Afterlife, you will see for yourself. It all comes down to focusing on you and not what everyone else thinks. We are cultivating like-minded people to come together for a party with less emphasis on what you look like or where you come from. Come as you are! Everyone is friendly here. We pick all the door guys. All of our bartenders are great people. It truly is an awesome environment to be in...

C: Ah yes... That's the stuff!

G: We have great birthday party packages and the décor is great inside! We have high ceilings and catwalks.

C: What was it before Annex?

G: It used to be Ohm; then, Red Dog before that. Both big house heavy places. It is a really great space. You walk in the DJ Booth is towards the back and there are bars on the outside of the dance floor, which is located directly in the middle of the club.

C: What else is going on at Annex?

G: It is open every night. They just brought back Boom Boom Room. These will be on Monday nights again. Joey Swanson is the one who started that event with his promotion company called Swingshift Presents. He also is the manager of this new club and runs Electric Playground on Q101. 


There you have it. One-on-one with Joe Domingo aka GoodSex. This man has great presence in Chicago and it is quite lovely to have him as a friend. Be on the look out for him. Furthermore, do not miss the fun happening at #afterlife, which takes place every Saturday at Annex Nightclub in Wicker Park.  

Make sure to visit to find out more information about the players behind both Afterlife and Annex Nightclub.

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(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)

(Photo Credit: Samantha Sparkle - IEG Designs)