The value of Innovate Entertainment Group, Inc. lies within our innovative business model, which focuses on collaborating with other local businesses within the Chicagoland area. This collaborative business model is aimed to increase exposure for all connected brands, which through our support will lead to both higher income and profit margins.

The reach of social media has extended into the daily lives of nearly all consumers; thus, the value of connecting with unreached consumers on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has increased immensely. With IEG’s ability to connect various social media sub-cultures and sub-groups, the average exposure to new content, artists, events, products, and brands can grow very rapidly; providing a viral buzz that is highly sought out today. The end result is increased exposure for the entities we partner with, as well as a newly satisfied, educated consumer. 


We are dedicated to helping up-and-coming artists reach their potential as well as providing industry resources and services to musicians, actors, athletes, project managers, venues, entrepreneurs, and multi-industry enterprises looking to increase their network, output, and capabilities.

Who are we?

Our team consists of professionals, each with significant background in Business Operations, Project Management, Marketing Solutions, and Branding.

What can we do?

 - Artist Brand Development & Packaging

- Marketing Development & Promotion

- Multimedia Coverage

- Interview & Press

- Production Consultation

- Project Management

- Supportive Investment

- Booking

Subscription Packages:

*the amount of services that we provide per skill, each month.

*ask about our a la carte services.

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